Buy black caviar from the producer "Sturgeon"

About the company

Agricultural company Osetr ltd. is the first caviar manufacturer in Ukraine.

Agricultural company Osetr ltd. the company keeps on growing and improving the processes. We use ultimate modern technologies on sturgeon breeding and caviar production.

Expiration date of black caviar?
The shelf life of black sturgeon caviar is 8 months from the date of production. You need to store it at a temperature of -4 to +2 degrees Celsius. The shelf life of black sturgeon caviar without preservatives is 3 months from the date of production.
Storage conditions for black caviar?
After opening a can of black sturgeon caviar, the product can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days at a temperature from 0 to +6 degrees Celsius. The storage conditions after opening the package are the same for caviar, both with and without a preservative.
The possibility of cooperation?
The Osetr company cooperates with large retail chains, online stores, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. Detailed information on the terms of cooperation, wholesale prices, delivery can be obtained by calling (098) 466-88-88 or (063) 468- 88-88.
Can I order delivery by courier?
Yes. We send orders by courier service in Kiev, subject to ordering products in the amount of 6000 UAH. Delivery is carried out free of charge the next day after registration by specialized transport. Sending by New Mail is also possible.
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