Black caviar production

Production of black caviar

A unique location, 20 km from Kyiv, the main caviar distribution venue in Ukraine. Sturgeon cage culture fish farm is located at a picturesque place – artificial pond of a Thermal Electric Power Plant and is focused on growing products for sale, formation of repair and breeder stock, generation of fish seed material and caviar. The farm is located on the territory of a bank of the power plant’s water channel. The water temperature in this channel in winter time is higher than in other reservoirs. This allows a more intensive breeding of the sturgeons.

There are two ways of intensive fish breeding in aquaculture. These are – Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and cage-breeding. The most popular technology is cage-breeding. It allows the acceleration of fish growth (up to 30% under our conditions) and the improved growth monitoring.

RAS breeding system presupposes fish breeding indoors, in closed reservoirs with water recirculation. The predominant production technology is the live-fish wells (rearing channels) process. It allows speeding up the fish growth (up to 30% under our conditions) and improving the growth monitoring. Temperature and oxygen saturation adjustment features in RAS allow the fine-tuning of the fish breeding process. E.g. it is possible to have a few egg-laying periods over one-year time (regardless of the season), accelerate fish-growing process and cultivate several breeds of fish at the same time.


Sturgeon caviar is one of the most valuable food products. Until recently, the products for caviar production were acquired mainly by fishing. However, the progress and achievements of the fish farms over the past few years demonstrated that basically all types of commercial sturgeons and many hybrid types can be bred artificially until they reach maturity.

Own broodstock valuable sturgeons

We have our own breeding stock of valuable sturgeons and our own incubation shop and juvenile breeding pool.

We completed the sturgeons breeding cycle in 2010 (we bred the fish – got the eggs, milted them – got the young fish – and we are growing the fish originated at our fish farm). The company has the status of a nucleus breeding farm for sturgeons.

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Our fish live under conditions, which are as close to natural conditions as possible. Our experienced professionals provide full control of the process. We use only the top-grade European fish-food made of natural components.

We make our caviar using the traditional recipes and state-of-the-art equipment. Top quality and environmental advantages are the main priorities for OOO-SRP Osetr.